Fall Café

Open every day from 12:00 – 18:00

-Pureed soup made from roasted cauliflower,                                         Kr   98,-
served with smoked bacon, cream cheese, bread
and butter

-Ceasar salad with  “gammel knas” cheese. Served                                Kr 115,-
with bread and butter

-Plate with two kinds of open sandwich:                                                   kr 139,-
– Dry-cured Faroese trout with eggyolk and cress
– Homemade potato salad topped with roasted
potato strips

-Tapas board with a selection of sausages and cheese.                        Kr 198,-
Served with homemade bread and butter

-Havgrím Layer Cake from Kaffihúsið                                                         Kr  49,-
– Heimabakað muffins from Kaffihúsið                                                       Kr  25,-