About Havgrím

Hotel Havgrím is informal and relaxing, with an emphasis on attention to personal service, situated in a particularly attractive and unique setting right on the shore. The house has been lovingly restored with the emphasis on preserving the original style and décor. The interior has been designed to reflect the history of the house, connecting its location with nature and the sea.

Our staff are always on hand to help with any requests you may have, be it an extra pillow, a cup of coffee or a table booking for a restaurant in town. We will do our best to ensure that your stay in our beautiful, historic home is unforgettable.

Havgrím is surrounded by nature and the sea and no matter what the season or weather, it is always worth a visit. Listen as the waves thunder against the rocks, the seaweed as it gently laps the shore, or the mighty surf as it rushes up to the stone wall.